First Fruits.初果

Apr 12

“Kids see that the admit rates are brutal and dropping, and it looks more like a crapshoot,” he said. “So they send more apps, which forces the colleges to lower their admit rates, which spurs the kids next year to send even more apps.” — Best, Brightest and Rejected: Elite Colleges Turn Away Up to 95% - (via infoneer-pulse)

Dec 04

Essays: First Series/Self-Reliance - Wikisource, the free online library

Nov 15

Creative Inspiration? Yeah, There’s an App for That. - Blog - Destination Imagination -

Nov 12

“Parents have to get out of the position of being the nag,” says Rich. “The ultimate goal is to help children build internal self-discipline and a capacity to manage themselves.” — Dorothy Rich, author of MegaSkills: Building Our Children’s Character and Achievement for School and Life,

Nov 11

Inside the first grader's brain -

FAIRNESS. The first-grader’s swiftly developing brain is leaping from magical thinking to logical, rational mental processing; she’s eager to understand the principles behind rules and regulations.

Nov 10

Diamond Head Crater (Leahi), Oahu -

Oct 28

“show it, not tell it
demonstrate it, not claim it” —

Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness, Credibility, Emotions, Stories

(Which makes the acronym SUCCES).

” — Made to Stick: Why some ideas take hold and others come unstuck
by brothers Dan and Chip Heath

Oct 27

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